3D recreation

Experts in 3D recreation of environments and environments that allow us to show the image in the past of heritage buildings and monuments. The use of programmes such as Blender, Unreal, Adobe Photoshop, etc., facilitates a precise and efficient methodology. We create virtual spaces that allow the user to live the experience in first person and make them visitable with maximum realism. The use of simulators and virtual recreations can contribute a lot to different fields: Driving, historical simulation, architectural reconstructions, machinery learning, virtual walks… 3D virtual recreations lead us to enjoy the splendour of old buildings that have disappeared nowadays.

3D images

Visualisation of spaces and buildings modelled in 3D by reconstructing old buildings and places that have disappeared.

Interactive infographics

The reconstructions are completed with the most relevant information about the place or building being visited.


We create digital images from 3D models or scenarios, rendering them with maximum realism.