Photogrammetry is a technique that allows us to recreate objects and environments in 3D by means of superimposed aerial 360º photography and video.
It includes aerial images, aerial photogrammetric mosaics and obtaining digital elevation models and obtaining geographical and cultural information in 3D: forestry and hydrological management, urban planning, monuments…

We have the latest model of the Dji Mavic 3 pro drone, recording at 6K at a maximum resolution of 60000 x 30000 pixels.

The aerial perspective is currently in great demand, and is very successful in improving the image of a company or in the coverage of an event. Our certification as an official AESA pilot allows us to record with drones.

High resolution

With a resolution of 72,000 x 36,000 pixels, we can zoom in to see small details from a unique perspective.


As you zoom in, new layers are loaded so that you can discover new views.


As the viewer is in html5, it can be viewed on any device and operating system.

My work