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Create a Funko with your face and name with artificial intelligence

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I’m going to explain you how to create your own Funko with your face and name using Bing Chat, as it allows us to use DALL-E 3 for free.
The creation of these images is very simple, the only thing you need to know is the structure of your request, that is to say, the phrase that we tell it to create the image. Once you know it, all you have to do is add the changes you want. As we did with our previous post How To Create Disney Pixar Style Images With Artificial Intelligence .

Create your own Funko with Bing Chat

Let’s start with an example of images I have created with the appropriate prompts.

example in bing chat

Draw a Funko figure featuring a man called “NAME IT”, and the number “NUMBER” on the box. The doll has short hair, with a beard, wears a grey “SHIRT BRAND” T-shirt, short jeans and grey flip-flops, (in his hand he holds a grey “Sony” reflex camera) “IN THIS SECTION WE CAN ADD ANYTHING WE WANT TO MAKE IT MORE PERSONAL”.. 3D Render

The final example after some tests was as follows:


In the prompt we have included the name and number that appear on the box. And finally, you can also add the description of the garment, choosing the colours of each of the garments or adding the brand of the garments or the type of garment to wear. As you have seen in the example, you can also ask him to hold an object in his hand to give it your personal touch.