Escuela de Musica y Danza de Adeje

EMMA: Municipal School of Music and Dance of Adeje in VR

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We present to you an innovative project that has transformed the Adeje Municipal School of Music and Dance (EMMA) into an immersive virtual world. Using Insta360 Pro 2, a unique experience has been created that allows you to explore the school as if you were right there.

We leave some images of the creation process

An unprecedented virtual journey through EMMA

The project allows you to walk through the hallways, the classrooms and even go up to the EMMA stage. You can listen to live music and interact with teachers through realistic avatars.

State-of-the-art technology at the service of musical education

This project has been possible thanks to the combination of several cutting-edge technologies:

  • Captura aérea y terrestre 360°: The Insta360 Pro 2 has made it possible to capture 360° images and videos of EMMA, both from the air and from the ground.
  • Modelado 3D: Realistic 3D models of the school have been created, including the buildings, furniture and musical instruments.
  • Avatares reales y modelados: Realistic avatars of EMMA teachers and students have been created, with which you can interact in the virtual world.

360° Viewer: Immerse yourself in the virtual EMMA

So you can experience this project for yourself, we have added a 360° viewer to our blog. Through the viewer, you can explore the virtual EMMA in real time.

360° viewer: Click Aquí para ver más

Implications for the future of education

This project is just a sample of what is possible with 360° technology in education. In the future, we can expect to see even more immersive and personalized experiences.


This project is an impressive example of how 360° technology can transform music education. We invite you to experience the virtual EMMA for yourself through the 360° viewer. For more information or for any collaboration contáctame